Crazy Oaks Crafts | Oklahoma Handicrafts

Crazy Oaks is our miniature farm where we look after a few eccentric goats, some very sensible chickens, and two less-than-trustworthy dogs. We are retired, but very busy. The garden blooms, the bees buzz, and things are always getting built.

Mark is a cabinet maker who has built musical instruments for many years. His instruments include guitars and ukuleles. He has now added kalimbas. He is a master craftsman and has built the house we live in, the table we eat on, and the furniture we sit on. He is handy to have around.

Hollis is a Physical Therapist who has specialized for years in the treatment of the hand. She now spends most of her time doing photography (including developing her own black and white prints in the darkroom Mark made for her), making baskets, and bird watching. Mark’s contribution to the birds is making feeders and birdhouses.

We look forward to meeting new friends and sharing stories. Please feel free to tell us what you think about what we make or what you would like to see.

We’ll see you where the sun is shining,

Hollis and Mark